With more than 100 years of experience designing belts and drive system products, we’ve worked hard to equip our aftermarket customers with the best OE-quality technology through our umbrella of niche brands, all designed to meet specific performance requirements and with different price points for easy decision making during the repair and installation process.

  • Dayco® – Our master brand featuring premium belts, hoses, components and more, crossing over all the industry segments we serve
  • Dayco POWER™  – A full range of specially engineered, high performance powersports belts for various riding levels and engine sizes
  • DRIVE RITE® – Dayco’s mid-grade line of industrial V-belts for a wide range of applications
  • Insulone® – Our series of heater hose applications that deliver excellent performance and heat resistance for vehicle applications
  • ela®Dayco’s line of patented stretch belts for two-point and fourpoint drive systems
  • Dayperm™ – Fuel injection hoses designed for automotive, lawn and garden, off-road and small industrial trucks, and truck fleet applications
  • GOLD LABEL® – Superior performing belts, components and hoses for heavy-duty and industrial applications
  • PowerBond™ by Dayco – Acquired in 2013, this line includes performance and harmonic balancers for automotive and racing applications
  • Autoflex® – Dayco’s line of tough lightweight hoses for under dash air connections