Dayco POWER™ CVT Belts

Designed for riders, by riders

Designed by Dayco’s team of powersports engineers and enthusiasts, the Dayco POWER™ belt line offers the best in belt performance for today’s snowmobile, ATVs and SXS enthusiasts. Five belt designs optimize engine size, horsepower range, modification level and riding style while providing premium application-specific performance.

  • Dayco POWER™ CTX Belt This belt is specially engineered for heavily modified all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), side by sides (SXS) and snowmobiles with over 800cc engines, providing reliable performance on extreme horsepower builds. Featuring the highest level of aramid reinforced HNBR rubber for maximum lateral rigidity and higher temperature resistance, CTX is proven to outperform and outlast original equipment belts.
  • POWER™ XTX™ Belt  Developed for high horsepower machines with moderate engine upgrades up to 800cc, this belt is engineered to maximize performance with a specially formulated high temperature polymer. Its breakthrough design features deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom.
  • POWER™ HPX® Belt – Engineered for UTV, ATV and SXS applications with mid-to-high horsepower engines between 350cc-600cc and minimal upgrades/modifications. It is constructed with Dayco’s top cog design for increased flexibility, extra strong aramid cords and fiber-loaded rubber compound.
  • POWER™ HP™ Belt – Built for low-to-mid range horsepower applications with up to 350cc stock engines and no modifications. Providing dependable, smooth performance and dimensional stability, it is perfect for care-free trail riding and yardwork.
  • POWER™ RPX Belt – Engineered to provide maximum performance under the most extreme snowcross racing conditions such as tight turns, banked corners and steep jumps, the Dayco RPX belt features precisely pre-formed cogs that enable optimal flexibility, cooler running and extended belt life, along with high twist cords that demand intense strength under extreme tension.
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