HT POWER Synchronous Belt Line

Specially Designed Industrial Belts

Dayco has brought the N.A. market a line of industrial synchronous belts that provide customers with access to a complete range of good, better and best belts with different compounds and market applications for a wide range of use. The line includes:

HT POWER Belts – With imperial and metric profiles, these belts offer high dimensional stability, high strength and good flex durability, as well as good shear, heat and oil resistance.

HT POWER Plus Belts – Designed for applications requiring high load capability, low or high speeds and high operational safety, these high-performance reinforced belts offer high cohesive strength, and are abrasion, wear, oil, heat and humidity resistant.

HT POWER Carbon Belts – Offering the best in shock load and temperature resistance, these belts are designed for roller chain replacement or V-belt conversion, pumps, high torque-low speed machines, as well as material handling equipment. Engineered with improved stiffness and designed to provide extreme resistance to mechanical stress, elevated temperatures and aggressive fluids and chemicals, HT Power Carbon provides excellent dimensional stability, strength and flexibility, along with low noise and low friction.

More information on temperature range and sizes can be found by downloading Dayco’s HT Power product guides.

HT Belts Line