Dayco Poly-V Serpentine Belts

Automotive Serpentine Belt

Dayco Poly-V Serpentine Belt

Designed to provide full coverage for today’s light duty vehicle market, especially vehicles with troublesome drives.

Constructed with aramid reinforced EPDM compounds, the Dayco poly-V serpentine belt delivers more than just OE quality. Developed through extensive laboratory and road testing, the rib profile in this EPDM belt has been engineered to conform to high mileage, worn or misaligned drives and help eliminate noisy belt conditions. Dayco Poly-V serpentine belts offer extensive flexibility and longer service life, while handling higher workloads and temperature.

Automotive Aramid Belt

Dayco Poly-V Aramid Belt

Specifically designed for applications that may have noise, vibration  or harshness issues, or in-drive systems in which tensioner take-up is minimal.

As the demand for higher output engines and tighter compartments increase, OEMs have elected to use serpentine belts with aramid tensile cord. The Dayco poly-V aramid serpentine belt has been engineered to maintain a quiet, vibration-free belt drive system. Unlike polyester-corded belts, the Dayco poly-V aramid serpentine belt will resist the expected elongations, especially during high accessory loading. This unique feature of length stability and minimal stretch can aid in difficult drives where span vibrations and tensioner movements are excessive. The Dayco poly-V aramid serpentine belt is built with Dayco’s specially designed EPDM rubber compounds to resist cracking and perform better under extreme temperature ranges.

Automotive ela® Belt

Dayco ela® Poly-V Serpentine Belt

Specially designed for two to four point drives on light duty vehicles that do not require automatic or manual tensioning.

Dayco ela® belts have self-tensioning capabilities required by specific OE drives designed for a “stretch” belt. This belt construction incorporates a wear-resistant EPDM rib material, along with a highly elastic EPDM cushion rubber that surrounds the polyamide tensile cord, thus providing the required adhesion and flexibility to maintain lasting performance. The backbone behind the Dayco ela belt is its polyamide tensile member, which allows for high elongation required for installation, yet provides the proper tension maintenance properties to transmit the accessory loads demanded for the drive.

Heavy-Duty Serpentine Belt

Dayco Heavy-Duty Poly-V Serpentine Belt

Produced for heavy-duty vehicles and buses with multiple accessories (air conditioning, power steering pumps, alternators, water pumps, vacuum pumps) and operating conditions with temperatures up to 130°C/266°

Dayco heavy-duty poly-V serpentine belts are made from EPDM material to resist heat and are compliant with the latest standards, guaranteeing resistance, reliability, low noise and longer service life. Engineered for high torque and power pulses, these belts also feature specially treated cords within the belt to resist stretching and ensure length stability.