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Dayco GOLD LABEL® Raw Edge Narrow V-Belt

July 26, 2021

Dayco GOLD LABEL® Raw Edge Narrow V-Belt

GL RawEdge

(3VX, 5VX) Recommended for all industrial applications such as textile mills, fans, lathes, grinding machines, compressors and pumps – where space, weight and power capacity are critical.

With a stronger PET polyester cord design for improved performance, the Dayco GOLD LABEL® raw edge narrow V-belt offers high stability, low tension decay, improved durability and reduced maintenance. Its cog profile is engineered to improve cooling effects and bending fatigue as well as provide extra flexibility for smaller pulleys. This raw edge classical design features EPDM rubber for more advanced abrasion, heat and oil resistance at wider temperature ranges and increased power capacity vs. wrapped belts.