Dayco Pulleys


Dayco Heavy-Duty Idler/Tensioner Pulley

Engineered for the demanding drive systems of today’s heavy-duty commercial trucks, class 4-8.

Designed to replace idler and tensioner pulleys for serpentine drives in heavy-duty diesel engine applications, Dayco heavy-duty idler/tensioner pulleys are machined from high strength steel or powdered metal material to provide excellent wear resistance under harsh environments. Dual pressed-in bearings provide long bearing life and protection against the shock loads experienced by today’s diesel trucks.


Dayco Idler/Tensioner Pulley

Designed for the majority of automotive vehicle applications on the road today.

Dayco idler/tensioner pulleys are built with smoother surfaces and tighter dimensional tolerances, which translates to less vibration and longer belt life. In addition to stamped, forged steel and powdered metal pulleys, we also design ultra-strong plastic pulleys with specially formulated glass-filled polymers that resist wear and tear. We include premium lubricated ball bearings and double high temperature seals to ensure peak bearing performance, the most critical element of a pulley's service life.