Dayco Accessories


Dayco Connectors

Designed for use with all traditional fuel and coolant hose applications, these Dayco glass-filled nylon, straight, “Y”, elbow, tee and reducing connectors produce a leak-proof splice between vacuum line tubing, fuel line hose, coolant hose, or other small I.D. hoses. Ideally suited for all jobs requiring ³⁄₃₂", through ³⁄₄" I.D. connections. A molded circumferential flange provides a hose stop that assures that the hose is inserted to the proper depth. The connectors are packaged and sold in poly bags, one per package.

Heavy-Duty Hump Hose, Elbows, and Reducer Sleeves

Dayco GOLD LABEL® Heavy-Duty Hump Hose, Elbows, and Reducer Sleeves

Designed as a fitting to aid in conveying air from an exterior air filter to the engine.

Dayco GOLD LABEL® heavy-duty hump hose, elbows and reducer sleeves are made from molded neoprene rubber, with smooth radii and inside surfaces to maximize air flow and keep the air column streamlined and out of the turbulent flow range. This line of fittings has a temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (+121°C).  Dayco GOLD LABEL® hump hose fittings allow up to 20° of misalignment and cushions the system from harmful vibrations.