Dayco Fuel Hoses

Fuel Line Hose

Dayco Fuel Line Hose

Designed for use on all types of carbureted gasoline engines – with leaded, unleaded and diesel fuel – that are exempt from CARB or EPA requirements.

The Dayco fuel line hose offers excellent resistance to oil, gasoline, grease and environmental elements. Constructed with a neoprene cover and nitrile tube that’s reinforced with a single ply of braided cord, the Dayco fuel line hose meets SAE J30R7 requirements and the fuel permeation requirements of SAE J1527 Type 2, Class B specifications. This hose specification should be used only on vehicles exempt from EPA and CARB emission regulations.

*NOT suitable for gasoline/oil mixed fuels, alcohol blended fuel, or bio-diesel fuel.

*NOT suitable for fuel injection systems.

Submersible Fuel Hose

Dayco Submersible Fuel Hose

Specifically engineered to handle fuel on the interior of the hose as well as constant exterior exposure to gasoline, alcohol blended gasoline or diesel fuel used in mobile and stationary applications.

Ready for fuel inside and out— the Dayco submersible fuel hose is built to perform when in constant contact with gasoline or other fuels. Composed from nitrile rubber for excellent stability and performance, it meets SAE J30R10 requirements and is available in a choice of sizes and lengths.

Dayperm® Hose

Dayco Dayperm® Hose

Ideally suited for automotive, lawn and garden, off-road and small industrial trucks, and truck fleet applications and compatible with leaded, unleaded, diesel and gasohol fuels for use at 50 psi or less.

Designed for stringent emission control requirements, the Dayco Dayperm® hose is a multi-layered rubber hose with low permeation. It’s recommended for a fuel liquid or vapor carrying component at low to medium pressure. With approval in the California market under Component Executive Order C-U-06-030, this hose meets SAE30R11 specifications as well as SAE 30R7 pressure requirements and should be used in place of conventional 30R7 for gasohol and oil/gas mixes.

*NOT suitable for bio-diesel or fuel injection systems.

Dayperm® II Hose

Dayco Dayperm® II Hose

Recommended for carburation applications on small engines and older carbureted vehicles using liquid fuels such as leaded, unleaded, gasohol, bio-diesel fuel and ethanol blended gasoline.

The Dayco Dayperm® II hose is a multi-layered rubber hose with low permeation that meets all SAE J30R14T2 requirements and is CARB and EPA compliant. The fuel injection hose is constructed with a tough fluoro-elastomer, low permeation, gasohol and diesel fuel inner tube that provides exceptional resistance to alcohol blended fuels that weaken normal fuel injection hose. A special braided reinforcement delivers a recommended working pressure of 100 psi, with a burst strength of 900 psi. The abrasion-resistant outer cover resists temperature extremes of -30˚F (-34.5˚C) to +300˚F (+149˚C) as well as oil, grease, ozone and coolants. The Dayco Dayperm II hose also meets SAE J30R14T2 and CARB 2020 requirements (EO#Q-19-156).

*Suitable for diesel and bio-diesel fuel.

Fuel Filler Hose

Dayco Fuel Filler Hose

Designed to connect the filler neck to the fuel tank on cars, light trucks and boats as well as auxiliary fuel tanks on RVs that use leaded, unleaded, diesel, gasohol and oxygenated fuels.

The Dayco fuel filler hose is designed to connect the filler neck to the fuel tank on cars, light trucks and boats as well as auxiliary fuel tanks on RVs. Supplied in 3' lengths, this hose has a rugged, double reinforced construction that helps prevent hose collapse and meets SAE J30R7 and SAE J1527, Style R2 requirements.