Dayco Service Hoses

Air Brake Hose

Dayco Air Brake Hose

Designed for use on truck and bus compressed air brake systems identified by the assembler per DOT FMVSS 571.106.

Dayco air brake hoses feature a high quality, smooth rubber cover that is weather, abrasion and ozone resistant that is reinforced by four textile spirals for a rated minimum burst pressure of 900 psi (225 psi maximum working pressure). It’s also engineered with a seamless synthetic inner tube that provides temperature protection from ‐40˚F (‐40˚C) to +212˚F (+100˚C). This hose meets SAE J1402 and DOT FMVSS 106, Type A requirements for ⅜" and ½" SP dimension hoses.

Multi‐Purpose Hose

Dayco Multi‐Purpose Hose

Designed to handle air, water service and agricultural chemicals up to 200 psi.

Dayco’s multi‐purpose hose and its cover are constructed of EPDM to resist heat, sunlight, ozone and weathering. The two‐ply reinforcement provides strength and resistance to kinking. This hose exceeds RMA Class C medium oil resistance requirements and is able to withstand temperature variations of ‐40 F (‐40 C) to +212 F (+100 C).

*NOT suitable for the transfer of petroleum products, steam, paint spray, unleaded gasoline, anhydrous ammonia or LP gas service.

Premium Multi‐Purpose Hose

Dayco Premium Multi‐Purpose Hose

Designed to transmit air, water, oil and chemicals in service up to 300 psi in a variety of applications requiring the transmission of air, water, oil or chemicals.

The Dayco premium multi‐purpose hose consists of a nitrile tube, neoprene cover and two‐ply textile reinforcement. Providing long lasting service, the Dayco premium multi‐purpose hose features a tube compounded to deliver maximum oil resistance. In addition, the hose has been designed to withstand temperature variations of ‐20˚F (‐29˚C) to +212˚F (+100˚C) and is electrically nonconductive with a minimum resistance of one megohm per inch at 1,000 volts DC.

*NOT suitable for steam, paint spray, gasoline, anhydrous ammonia or LP gas service.
*NOT suitable for hot, dry air applications.

Transmission Oil Cooler/Power Steering Return Line Hose

Dayco Transmission Oil Cooler/Power Steering Return Line Hose

Designed to connect the transmission in light vehicles to an external cooler or as a return line between the power steering mechanism and the hydraulic pump.

Dayco’s transmission oil cooler/power steering return line hose has a synthetic rubber tube and cover to resist oil, ozone and aging due to heat. Reinforced with braided cord for increased strength, this hose has a working pressure of 250 psi. It is designed to handle transmission oil temperatures up to +257 F (+125 C) and is similar to SAE J189 type hose.

*NOT suitable for power steering pressure lines.

Windshield Washer/Vacuum Tubing

Dayco Windshield Washer/Vacuum Tubing

Designed to replace worn windshield washer tubing, as well as general automotive vacuum applications such as retractable headlights, sensors and more.

The Dayco windshield washer/vacuum tubing features a flexible, long‐life rubber construction that resists oil, grease and heat deterioration. It can also remain flexible at low temperatures with a temperature rating of ‐40 F (‐40 C) to +212 F (+100 C). This tubing meets the material specification for SAE J1037 and is available in either 6' clamshell packs or 50' spools, for dispensing the exact length needed.

Plastic Fuel Line and Vacuum Tubing Connectors

Dayco Plastic Fuel Line and Vacuum Tubing Connectors

Developed as a splice between vacuum line tubing, fuel line hoses, coolant hoses, or other small I.D. hoses and is ideally suited for all jobs requiring  ³⁄₃₂", ¹⁄₈", ⁵⁄₃₂" and ³⁄₁₆" I.D. connections.

These Dayco glass‐filled nylon, straight, “Y”, elbow, tee and reducing connectors produce a leak‐proof splice for various hose connections. A molded circumferential flange provides a hose stop that ensures that it is inserted to the proper depth. The connectors are packaged and sold in poly bags, one per package.

Emission Control Carburetor Pre‐Heater Duct Hose

Dayco Emission Control Carburetor Pre‐Heater Duct Hose

Designed to connect the air cleaner to the exhaust manifold to prevent carburetor icing in cold weather.

The Dayco emission control carburetor pre‐heater duct hose features a heavy-duty, flexible aluminum core and corrugated construction that can easily be cut with a sharp knife to facilitate the proper fit between air cleaner and exhaust manifold. The close inside diameter tolerance provides a tight fit to reduce carburetor icing.

Autoflex Defroster Duct Hose

Dayco Autoflex Defroster Duct Hose

Designed for all under‐dash air connections, hot or cold, including defroster vents and fresh air intakes.

The Dayco Autoflex defroster duct hose is made with tough, lightweight and flexible reinforced vinyl. The hose can be installed in minutes and can be clamped or taped to existing fittings. Available in 15 I.D. sizes, it services a wide range of applications. Individually boxed 6' lengths are compressed to 28" per box for easy stocking.

Anti‐Smog/PCV Hose

Dayco Anti‐Smog/PCV Hose

Designed for vehicle applications where petroleum vapors and blow‐by gases are recirculated through the intake manifold for reduced emissions, and on gasoline engines for fuel line applications.

The Dayco anti‐smog/PCV hose features a tube and cover compound that resists oil and helps reduce emissions to acceptable EPA levels. The single ply of cord reinforcement provides increased strength and flexibility. Meeting SAE J30R7 requirements, the Dayco anti‐smog/PCV hose is available in either 50' cartons or 20" clamshell packs for ease of merchandising.