Dayco Adapters and Couplings

Coupling Adapter

Dayco Coupling Adapter

Designed for use with all styles of permanent crimp couplings.

Constructed of steel and/or brass, Dayco’s coupling adapters allow for the convenient adaption of couplings meant for applications beyond normal coupling stock.

Beadlock Coupling

Dayco Beadlock Coupling

Designed for use with style DBH hose.

Constructed of aluminum and/or steel, the Dayco beadlock AC couplings are commonly used for low- to high-pressure refrigerant applications for automotive and heavy-duty vehicles. Available in coupling styles BL and SB.

Permanent Crimp Coupling

Dayco Permanent Crimp Couplings

Designed for use with the DKF2, DKF13, DKF15, DR6, DR17, DB7, DR2, DR12X, DR15X, DL6/DFL, DR16, DGL, DR1, DR7, DR7E, DR14, DR4 and DR5 hoses.

Dayco’s permanent crimp couplings are one-piece steel, aluminum, or brass material. Typically, permanent crimp couplings are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from low-pressure refrigerant applications to high pressure hydraulic lines on off-the-road construction equipment, machine tools, farm equipment and marine equipment. Available in coupling styles 91N, DC, TC, JG, KG, LG, PG, TG and XG.

Reusable Coupling

Dayco Reusable Couplings

Designed for use with styles DGL and DR5 hose and constructed of steel.

Dayco’s reusable couplings – which are available in DN and GL coupling styles – are commonly used for medium pressure applications found on truck and bus applications, material handling equipment, off-the-road equipment, and machine tools.

Specialty Coupling

Dayco Specialty Couplings

Designed for use with styles DB7, D6FL and DTC hose.

Dayco specialty couplings cover push-to-connect couplings and barbed inserts. Made of steel and/or brass and available in coupling styles PO and BI, these couplings are suited for applications such as the low pressure transmission of oil, air, water and other fluids. In some cases, they are also used on medium-pressure applications for high-temperature fluids.