Dayco Installation Tools

Belt Diagnostic Kit

Dayco Belt Diagnostic Kit

Designed to identify misalignment and tension issues or worn belts.
SKU 93874

Used to diagnose misalignment, tension and wear within a belt drive system, the Dayco belt diagnostic kit has all the tools needed to properly identify misalignment, belt tension and worn multi-rib belts. The kit includes a belt tension gauge, two-piece laser alignment tool, belt wear gauges, tension chart, replacement battery and a battery installation wrench.

Belt Tension Gauge

Dayco Belt Tension Gauge

Designed to adjust a belt to the correct installation tension.
V-belt SKU 93865 / Serpentine belt SKU 93866

The Dayco belt tension gauge allows technicians to accurately adjust accessory drive belt tension. The tool helps ensure drive belts are properly adjusted. Improperly tensioned belts can have noise issues and cause excessive accessory drive bearing wear.

aWEARness Gauge

Dayco aWEARness Gauge

Designed to measure a belt’s rib depth, rib profile and cracks.
SKU 047337

The aWEARness gauge helps technicians pinpoint wear on EPDM belts by measuring specific characteristics – like depth, profile and number of cracks. By placing the notched area lengthwise over the ribbed section of the belt, this pocket size device quickly and easily identifies the potential of serpentine belt failure. If there are more than four cracks per inch in the belt, technicians should replace the belt.

ela® Belt Installation Tool

ela® Belt Installation Tool

Designed for use on the installation of a range of Dayco ela® stretch belts.
SKU 93875

Stretch belts should not be installed by prying the belt on the pulley – which is why Dayco designed its ela® belt tool. The tool comes with a reusable mounting bolt and can be used on multiple Dayco ela “stretch” belt applications. Some ela belts require only a simple zip tie to install, so users should verify if the Dayco ela® belt installation tool is required for their specific application.

Suburu® ela® Belt Installation Tool

Dayco Suburu® ela® Belt Installation Tool

Designed for installing ela® belts on Suburus.
SKU 93878

This Dayco tool helps ensure proper installation of Dayco ela® belts on 2008-2010 Subaru® Impreza®, Forester® and Outback® models with 2.5L engines. Attempting to install the belt without this tool will result in damage to the belt.

Timing Belt Cam Tool

Dayco Timing Belt Cam Tool

Designed for locking timing belt gears during service.
SKU 93873

To retain engine timing position during timing belt removal and installation, twin camshafts must be locked on their timing marks. The Dayco timing belt cam tool’s adjustable arms fit into the gear’s teeth and expand to securely hold in place gear sizes from 4" to 6" with gear separation up to 3".

Telescopic Retrieval Pole

Dayco Telescopic Retrieval Pole

Designed to provide extra reach for retrieving belts or hoses from wall boards or finger racks.
SKU 9386

This sturdy aluminum telescoping pole extends from 52" to 94-1/4", providing that extra reach for retrieving belts and hoses from wall boards or racks. When extended to the desired length, the poles’ unique twist and lock feature prevents the pole from unexpectedly retracting.

*NOT recommended for uses other than belt and hose retrieval.

Hose and Tubing Cutter

Dayco Hose and Tubing Cutter

Designed to cut up to 2" I.D. textile reinforced and non-reinforced rubber hose and tubing.
SKU 93847

The Dayco hose and tubing cutter features a replaceable hardened stainless-steel blade that allows for a clear cut with no burrs or residue. Featuring a safe-to-use tough glass-filled nylon handle with attached ring, this cutter also allows for ease of carrying or for attaching to the Dayco hose display merchandiser.

Belt Installation Tool

Dayco Belt Installation Tool

Provides extended reach for installing serpentine belts, V-belts.
SKU 93871

The Dayco belt installation tool has been designed to help install belts that are located in hard-to-access areas. The three-pin design provides convenient belt push-pull capability while the handle provides the twisting control required to install belts in confined or restricted areas.