Meet the Tech Team

Want to meet the experts behind all the technical advice, installation videos and repair tips we share? Meet Dayco’s tech team. With almost 150 years of combined on-the-job experience, our crew of ASE certified techs, former shop owners, product specialists and engineers have one goal – to make the installation process as easy as possible. These guys know time is money and less time struggling through a repair means more money in your pocket.


Jay Buckley

AKA “Crew Chief”

Years of Experience: 35 

ASE Certified Master Technician, Former Shop Owner 

An ASE Master Technician for over three decades and a repair shop owner for almost 25, Jay Buckley is the head of product management and training for Dayco. His experience includes technical writing, research, hands on training, repair and diagnostic work, events, video training and more. He is a state of Michigan certified master technician, HD diesel technician and motorcycle mechanic. With almost a half-century of experience, his infatuation with vehicles started at 11 years old with his neighbor’s ’67 Shelby Mustang. Now, more than 50 years later, he is still a self-professed gearhead and an amateur racer. He loves time in the garage and on the track, rebuilds cars and restores vintage MX bikes.


Jerry DeGelder

AKA “Tech Guy”

Years of Experience: 28 

ASE Certified Technician 

Jerry DeGelder’s connection with cars started alongside his dad, working on the family car. He’s been ASE certified for nearly 22 years now and has an associate’s degree in Automotive Technology. Pursuing a childhood dream of becoming a teacher, Jerry went through the training needed to become a technical trainer in the automotive industry in 1995. He plays an active role on Dayco’s technical team, conducting in-person training sessions and fielding calls from technicians looking for specific parts or solutions to mechanical issues.


Jerry Reeves

AKA Engineering Nerd

Years of Experience: 20 

Mechanical Engineer, Former State of Michigan Certified Technician, Weekend Road Racer

An aftermarket industry veteran, Jerry has almost two decades of program management and product launch experience. Passionate about all things automotive and powersports, Jerry Reeves earned a mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University after taking two years of automotive repair in high school – he went from working on cars and parts to designing them. He’s been state certified in front end, suspension and steering systems, engine tune up and performance, engine repair and brakes and braking systems. He has a heavily modified 1974 Chevy Nova and motorcycle that he races, and one of his greatest memories was participating in the 2,300-mile Hot Rod Power Tour with his two sons.


Jon Crawford

AKA “Performance Champ

Years of Experience: 12 

Mechanical Engineer, Weekend Road Racer

As an automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV enthusiast, it’s no surprise that Jon Crawford is a product manager and tech expert for Dayco. Tinkering on vintage Corvettes and small engines since he was 8 years old, Jon has well over a decade of real-world automotive aftermarket experience. He earned his mechanical engineering degree from University of Toledo and has scored multiple national championships in motorcycle amateur road racing. Never one to pass up an opportunity to fix something under the hood, his favorite automotive memory was restoring his late father’s 1973 Corvette and driving it to the Woodward Dream Cruise.


Chad Suffel

AKA “Ironman”

Years of Experience: 13  

Former Package Engineer, Avid DIYer, Current Product Manager

Chad Suffel has been getting fired up about cars since he was young. It all began alongside his dad wrenching on an LS1 Camaro, and grew stronger as he headed into college, where he graduated with a B.S. in Packaging from MSU. A true hot rodder, DIY tuner and avid motorcyclist, Chad has not only gotten his hands dirty on a number of machines here at Dayco, he also leads the development of new tensioners, pulleys, water pumps and timing chain kits. If you’re trying to track him down, check outside first – he’s either in the garage tinkering on his motorcycle, or off running, swimming or biking absurdly long distances, as he just recently competed in his 2nd Ironman.


Hassan Mourad

AKA “Diagnostic Doctor”

Years of Experience: 16  

State of Michigan Certified Master Technician

Hassan’s fascination with cars began his freshman year of high school thanks to a very passionate auto tech teacher. As a state of Michigan master tech and a product evaluation expert for Dayco, he’s well versed in solving diagnostic issues and benchmarking new products. If he’s not at work or under the hood wrenching on the next project car, you may find him at the track, participating in amateur racing days.