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Step-by-Step Industrial Belt Drive Maint...

Belt drives are the most cost effective, reliable means of shaft-to-shaft power transmission speed change but they require regular inspection...
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TimingBeltTools Tips

Top 3 Timing Belt Tools and Tips

Timing belt maintenance requires precision and patience. One wrong move in belt alignment and the vehicle can experience a number of issues.
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Timing Belts: 3 Signs of Failure

It’s often called the neglected belt yet can cause serious damage when overlooked.
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DriveBelt Tips

Increase Performance on Your Industrial ...

If you have a belt drive system that is under-performing or you’re looking for improved drive life, below are Dayco’s top tips on enhancing performance.
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How to Install a Harmonic Balancer

Harmonic balancers are used to help lessen the vibration of the engine. Maintenance and replacement are important. Belowe are the key steps...
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The Top 8 Reasons Why Radiator Hoses Lea...

Coolant hoses have a tough job – they move chemicals under pressure and massive amounts of heat so they can be more prone to failure.
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CVT Belt Installation and Break-In

For powersports enthusiasts, there’s nothing worse than getting stranded due to a busted belt. That’s why belt replacement and...
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Proper Car Cooling System Maintenance

It is extremely important to flush and refill the cooling system with the OE recommended coolant, whether you are just performing cooling system...
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Balancer with Wrench

Three Reasons for Harmonic Balancer Repl...

A harmonic balancer is not just there to spin the rest of the pulleys on the engine. It’s designed to help smooth out the engine’s harmonics to a level that...
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HighPerfCar BalancerAticleImage

High Performance Balancers vs. Stock Bal...

Many enthusiasts modify their vehicle’s engine for better performance and more horsepower, which in turn can raise not just the power the engine makes, but...
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Belt Routing Diagrams

There are more than 16,000 belt routing diagrams available in Dayco’s Find Your Part search platform, covering millions of vehicles makes and models.
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Tensioner Flat Spring

Belt Tensioners: Flat Spring Design Make...

The front-end drive system’s tensioner is designed to protect other components within the system and to help prevent premature failure of...
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Belt Tools Help Reduce Comebacks

At Dayco, we’ve learned that some technicians aren’t checking total system alignment, they are only checking the belt itself. Below we outline two...
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Front End Accessory Drive System Mainten...

Just like many other components on today’s class 4-8 trucks, it’s important that mechanics look at the belt, pulley and tensioner as a whole system...
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Signs of a Bad Belt Tensioner

Often times during a drive belt change, the tensioner may get overlooked. This can be problematic given the tensioner has a big job to do and...
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Solutionsfor ProblemDriveSystems

Problematic Automotive Belt Drive System...

Automotive belt drive systems have become significantly more complicated over the past 25+ years. OEMs continue to add accessories and...
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Serpentine Belt Inspection

Most modern vehicles use serpentine belts that are now made with EPDM compounds. But EPDM belts wear differently than the earlier...
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How to Tell when an Idler or Tensioner P...

Did you know that one of the most common causes of serpentine belt failure is a pulley with worn bearings? That’s because a pulley’s job is...
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How to Fix Serpentine Belt Noise

If a newly installed serpentine belt  is making noise, it is a sign of a problem within the engine’s front end drive system.
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The EvolutionofSerpBelts

The Evolution of Serpentine Belts

Over the past 25 years, serpentine belts have changed considerably. Vehicles used to have multiple serpentine belts that only had...
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Choosing the Right Engine Water Pump

How do you know you are getting the best quality when it comes to choosing a water pump? Here’s a few tips: Pick a pump that is...
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Automotive Water Pump Repair

The purpose of a car’s water pump is to push coolant through the car's engine block, radiator and hoses to help pull heat away from the system.
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