Our head of product management walks through the role a harmonic balancer has in the engine, its key parts and the full line of Dayco harmonic balancers.
Join our expert in the Dayco garage to learn how to accurately measure a belt without a part number. This tool can be used for both automotive and heavy-duty V-belts or serpentine belts.
Learn how to extend belt life with proper belt break-in and clutch maintenance from a resident Dayco powersports expert. He explains why short belt life is usually the result of improper break-in, maintenance issues or belt misalignment.
Learn about the full line of Dayco POWER belts from one of Dayco’s very own powersports enthusiasts. He’ll walk you through the various types of belt designs for different riding levels and engine sizes.
Electric water pumps help maintain fluid flow and keep components at safe temperatures but they can be installed improperly if technicians aren’t careful. Dayco recommends following these tips regarding EWP installation to avoid trouble with the cooling system.
Find out the two main reasons why timing chains get replaced and what to do in each circumstance. This video highlights the steps needed to ensure proper timing chain kit replacement when dealing with noise and chain stretch.
Learn about inspection and installation intervals for heavy-duty water pumps from Dayco’s tech team. They share the top do’s and don’ts and explain what happens when the wrong coolant or coolant to water ratio is used in the system.
Learn how to use the Dayco Awearness gauge during a proper belt inspection. This quick tutorial shows how to measure the belt’s rib depth and rib profile as well as check for cracks.
Go under the hood of a big rig with Dayco’s tech team members to learn about serpentine belt maintenance for heavy-duty vehicles. They’ll show you how to troubleshoot key issues like noise, misalignment and contamination.
Our ASE master tech and product specialist take you step-by-step through the installation of Dayco’s new two-piece tensioner on a Freightliner DD15 engine. This particular tensioner was engineered to be more durable and easier to install.
Dayco’s engine experts share basic belt tips to help make installation easier. Learn about maintenance intervals, belt wear, troubleshooting noise and more.
One of Dayco’s product specialists explains the basics of belt installation for your ATV, UTV, side by side (SXS) or snowmobile and the importance of a two-heat cycle break-in process.
Learn about the basic types of pulleys for today’s front end drive system and the eight key signs it’s time to change one. Watch as a Dayco product specialist addresses worn pulley bearings, misalignment and more.
Dayco’s resident ASE certified technician talks about why Dayco’s tensioner design, and its patented flat spring technology, is preferred by many of today’s OEMs.
Dayco’s resident engine experts show you all the tools needed to make timing belt installation easy – from cam sprocket tools to special two-pin tools.
Learn the top two reasons water pumps fail after installation. Dayco’s engine experts also talk through torque, cooling system maintenance, why cavitation occurs and the importance of using an OE-quality water pump.