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Belt Tensioners: Flat Spring Design Makes all the Difference

Reduce the Risk of Spring Fatigue

The front-end drive system’s tensioner is designed to protect other components within the system and to help prevent premature failure of the water pump and alternator.

It has a pretty important job – so be sure you’re replacing the tensioner when doing a belt replacement because its spring can lose tension and bearings lose grease over time.

Dayco Tensioners Preferred by OEMs

The Dayco Tensioner is actually preferred by OEMs due to its unique flat spring design. Unlike tensioners with coil springs, Dayco invented a flat spring technology that helps prevent fluctuations to the tensioner body, which means its footprint doesn’t change when it’s under tension. This reduces the risk of spring fatigue – which is commonly seen in competitive products. Spring fatigue results in belt noise and possible separation of the housing, and that can lead to premature failure. So – the flat spring design is critical to longer life and quieter performance.

Dayco’s Tensioner is also designed with a heavy-duty cast aluminum spring case and arm. The strong metal helps resist cracking and fatigue and offers additional strength and lessens the risk of distortion.

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