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High Performance Balancers vs. Stock Balancers

Engine Rebuilds Benefit from an Upgrade

Many enthusiasts modify their vehicle’s engine for better performance and more horsepower, which in turn can raise not just the power the engine makes, but the maximum RPM the engine will turn before redline. The factory harmonic balancer is made and tuned for the factory RPM limit which is why upgrading from a factory balancer to a Dayco SS series balancer is ideal. Due to its robust construction, a Dayco balancer can withstand being spun up to 7,500 RPM, well past the factory RPM. Plus it provides smooth performance at all speeds.

Timing Marks
A common practice when rebuilding or modifying an engine is to alter the engine timing for more power. The Dayco SuperStreet balancer has laser etched timing marks around the circumference of the balancer for easy timing adjustment. Made from higher quality black anodized steel with a high strength rubber bond to the outside ring, Dayco’s balancers will make help a modified engine last longer and rev higher than using a stock factory balancer.

BalancerS Ta1

Racing Balancers and SFI Ratings
Let’s start with what an SFI rating means. Auto parts that carry the SFI stamp are certified as safe for racing. The parts are rigorously tested to requirements established by the SFI Foundation, a nonprofit organization that develops standards for various race parts and testing criteria for all forms of motorsports.

The SFI program has established strict standards for racing harmonic balancers because they can see speeds in excess of 10,000 RPM. The specification for racing balancers is SFI 18.1.

If you race, it’s critical to use an SFI approved balancer. First off, most racing organizations will require it as a safety measure. The factory balancer was never made to be spun faster than the maximum RPM limit of the factory engine. As an example, the factory engine may have a redline of 6,000 RPM. With the engine built for racing using higher quality components and balancing, the new RPM limit may be 8,000 or higher. Using the factory balancer in this scenario will tempt a failure that could cause serious damage.

PowerBond™ by Dayco racing balancers are machined and built for extreme high speeds and come zero-balanced. Often times with race vehicles, an engine builder will machine every part to specification. For instance, machining the connecting rods and pistons so they are all the exact same weight. This type of balancing requires a zero-balance harmonic balancer. All PowerBond by Dayco Race balancers feature a precision CNC machined AUSI 1045 forged steel hub bonded to an equally strong forged steel inertia ring, making them light for quick acceleration. The balancers also include easy-to-see laser etched timing marks for fast timing adjustments.

BalancerHP Ta2