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How do I use the Dayco laser alignment tool?

April 16, 2021

Unlike laser tools with attachments, Dayco’s tool has an aluminum body with magnets that secure it into the grooves of the reference pulley (usually the crankshaft pulley), ensuring a stable stage for accurate laser projection. The target component is also magnetic so it easily attaches and aligns with the grooves. Once turned on, the laser will project a line – not just a dot – which is an advantage over other laser tool designs. This projected line makes it possible to identify both axial and angular misalignment. Axial misalignment means the pulley is not positioned on the shaft properly. Angular misalignment is caused by a severely worn bearing within the pulley. Before using this tool, always make sure to disconnect the vehicle’s battery. Also, remove the vehicle’s serpentine belt before inspecting the accessory drive system.