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How to Extend the Life of HVAC Belts

Belts used in HVAC applications are frequently found in exhaust and ventilation fans on rooftops. Often exposed to sunlight, humidity and extreme temperatures, these belts typically run in a very small sheave (usually variable pitch sheave on the motor) with a life that is extremely limited. Many repair technicians report replacement intervals occur 3 to 12 times per year using 4L and 5L V-belts. But these light-duty belts have low temperature resistance – usually up to 145oF – and high stretch.

Our team recommends replacing 4L and 5L belts with Dayco GOLD LABEL AX and BX notched (cogged) belts. There are a number of advantages to doing this:

  • Provides protection from -40oF to 300oF, the highest temperature range on the market.
  • Higher tensile strength offers higher service factor and longer life. For every 10% of increase of service factor, the belt life is doubled.
  • Notched construction allows optimal performance in small sheave applications.
  • Minimum elongation translates into higher life and less labor.

Techs can go from multiple replacements every year to ONE annual belt change, saving both labor costs and the need to buy multiple belts. For more information on Dayco’s industrial belts click here.