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How to Install a Harmonic Balancer

10 easy steps to balancer removal and replacement

Harmonic balancers are used to help lessen the vibration of the engine. Maintenance and replacement are important. Below are the key steps necessary for proper removal and installation.

Step 1 – Remove the belt or belts from the front of the engine.

Step 2 – If your vehicle requires it, drain and remove the radiator to gain access to the balancer.

Step 3 – Remove any pulleys bolted to the balancer.

Step 4 – Use an impact wrench to remove the large bolt in the center of the balancer.

Step 5 – Once the large bolt is removed, install a balancer removal puller. These tools are readily available at your local auto parts store for rent. Never attempt to pry the balancer off, it will not come off this way and only damage adjacent components.

Step 6 – Install the mandrel in the center bolt hole and the three puller bolts. Tighten the center mandrel bolt slowly and the balancer will come off, but be careful as it is heavy.

Step 7 – Replace the front crank seal. Even if not leaking, the seal is very low cost, and you already did the labor. Put a thin coat of oil or grease on the seal lip and the sealing surface of the balancer.

Step 8 – Place the balancer on the crank snout and use the “installer” part of the tool. This will be a large screw that goes in the center bolt hole. Then a bearing is placed over the screw with a nut above that. Hold the screw with one wrench and use a second wrench to tighten the nut and walk the balancer on. Be sure to fully seal the balancer until it bottoms out. NEVER hammer a balancer on or use the crank bolt to impact the balancer on. Both methods are incorrect and will result in damage to the threads, balancer and thrust bearing in the engine.

Step 9 – Once the balancer is fully seated, install the bolt and torque to OE specifications.

Step 10 – Reinstall pulleys and belts and you are finished.