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Increase Performance on Your Industrial Belt Drive

If you have a belt drive system that is under-performing or you’re looking for improved drive life, below are Dayco’s top tips on enhancing performance.

  1. Increase the sheave or sprocket sizes. Larger sheaves increase the HP rating of the drive.
  2. Increase the belt length. Longer belts reduce the bending stress and allow for more cooling.
  3. Increase the number of V-belts or widen the synchronous drive. A wider drive increases the HP rating of the drive.
  4. Improve the drive ventilation. Maximize the airflow through the drive to improve belt life.
  5. Take advantage of idler options. If the drive utilizes idlers, use the largest possible diameter and position them on the inside of the lowest tensioned span if possible.
  6. Always use proper tension and alignment procedures. This will help maximize best possible performance.
  7.  Incorporate a “break-in” period when using new belts. When new belts are installed, tensioned and aligned, it should have a run-in period of ideally 24 hours and then the belts should be re-tensioned. This allows the belts to seat properly in the sheave grooves. Once re-tensioned after this run-in period, the belts should not have to be checked again until the next normal scheduled maintenance.