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Problematic Automotive Belt Drive Systems

Many Vehicle Models More Prone to Belt Noise

Automotive belt drive systems have become significantly more complicated over the past 25+ years. OEMs continue to add accessories and are looking for the most efficient ways to power them. However, not all of these belt drives are created equal as the routing between the belt and accessories differs from one vehicle to the next. Some are more complicated than others and more inclined to cause issues.

Belt Noise and Misalignment

Dayco engineers refer to vehicles that have complicated belt drive configurations as ‘Demanding Drives’ because they often lead to unwanted noise, which as most professional technicians know is the #1 complaint with belt replacement.

On these more complicated configurations, the reason the system experiences noise is most often due to misalignment. In some applications, it’s caused by a misaligned power steering pump pulley, other times it’s caused by water pump bearing wear or even a worn harmonic balancer.

Demanding Drive Kits

When there is a vehicle with a problematic belt drive system released by an automaker, Dayco goes right to work to figure out why the system causes noise or poor wear. We then assemble a kit that solves the problem with a redesigned belt, tensioner and pulley. Dayco’s solutions focused kits:

  • Address the most demanding drives in the market that has resulted in the most noise issues.
  • Feature a custom engineered kit with 14 applications to cover 35 million vehicles in operation.
  • Include up to two Dayco serpentine belts, a Dayco tensioner and Dayco idler pulleys.