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Timing Belts: 3 Signs of Failure

It’s often called the neglected belt yet can cause serious damage when overlooked. It’s the timing belt – responsible for creating harmony between the crank shaft and the camshaft so the engine can run smoothly. Checking a timing belt and changing it at regular maintenance intervals is important. If it breaks , it could very likely ruin the engine and leave a driver with a huge expense. Beware of these telltale signs that a timing belt may be to blame:

  1. Vehicle won’t start – When a timing belt breaks or is off by even just one tooth, damage to the vehicle and engine will occur, often rendering the vehicle inoperable until repaired.
  2. Noise – No one likes complaining but noises are a sign a car is literally ‘speaking’ to you. When the timing belt or its surrounding components start to wear out, noise can be heard from under the hood. Whether it’s a hum, hiss, rattle or a clicking sound, don’t ignore it. Unusual noise heard any time the engine is idling is often an indication that the pulley bearings are worn out and belt damage can occur soon
  3. Overheating – Poor oil change maintenance can cause the camshaft to seize and break the timing belt.

Always refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for maintenance interval recommendations and if you want some tips and tools on how to make timing belt replacement easier, check out this video.