Dayco Belt Measuring Gauges

Factfinder® Gauge II

Dayco Factfinder® Gauge II

For measuring a range of utility and industrial belts that measure up to 100"
SKU 93859

A quick check shows the top width, length and part number of the corresponding Dayco FHP utility V-belt, GPL premium utility belt, industrial A and B belts, or 3VX and 5 VX Dayco GOLD LABEL® VX-wedge belts.

Factfinder® Gauge III

Dayco Factfinder® Gauge III

For measuring all multi-ribbed belts up to 115" in length.
SKU 93860

Measuring all multi-ribbed belts, including competitive and OEM belts, the Dayco Factfinder® gauge III is meant for belts up 115" in effective length for multi-rib belts and 100" for V-belt lengths to indicate the corresponding Dayco replacement belt size.

Factfinder® Gauge III Extension

Dayco Factfinder® Gauge III Extension

Extends measurement of V-belts up to 130" and multi-ribbed belt measurements up to 145”.
SKU 93863

Easily attaches to the Dayco Factfinder® gauge III for accurate measurement of larger V-belts and multi-ribbed belts and quick identification of corresponding Dayco replacement sizes.

Factfinder® Gauge III Brackets

Dayco Factfinder® Gauge III Brackets

For use in mounting Factfinder III gauges.
SKU 93871

These holding brackets allow the Dayco Factfinder® gauge lll to be mounted on a wall, counter or convenient location of your choice so that both hands can be free for more accurately measuring and verifying the exact size conventional V-belts or multi-rib belts needed.