Dayco Tool Sets and Kits

OAP and ADP Tool Kit

Dayco OAP and ADP Tool Kit

Designed to provide all of the tools needed to remove and fit a new OAP or ADP.
SKU 93887

Made from the highest quality materials, this 13-piece kit comes in a handy molded carrying cases and features interchangeable components to work on almost all vehicles. OAPs and ADPs are application-specific replacement parts, and if a vehicle requires an OAP or an ADP, the same category of pulley must be installed. The kit includes:

  • Removal and installation instructions
  • OAP/ADP connectors in 33T spline and 17mm hex
  • Alternator shaft connectors in T40, T50, M8, M10, 8 hex and 10 hex

Tensioner Retainer Pin Set

Dayco Tensioner Retainer Pin Set

Designed for the installation and maintenance of timing belt tensioners.
SKU 93872

To safely retain the hydraulic pin of a timing belt tensioner in a compressed state during service, Dayco created the tensioner retainer pin set. Consisting of six spring-hardened steel pins in various sizes, the set accommodates a wide variety of timing belt tensioners, including certain serpentine belt applications.