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HT POWER Plus Synchronous Belts

April 8, 2024

HT POWER Plus Synchronous Belts

HT Power Plus 01

Specially designed for applications requiring high load capability, low or high speeds and high operational safety.

Dayco HT Power Plus synchronous belts are designed with a reinforced parabolic profile for high torque curvilinear pulleys. Offering high cohesive strength, these belts are also abrasion, wear, oil, heat and humidity resistant and can handle a wide range of temperatures from -4◦F (-20◦C) to 212◦F (100◦C). HT Power Plus belts are engineered with a nylon tooth fabric cover that is tear resistant and offers low friction and low noise. Dimensions according to ISO 13050; 8M, 14M antistatic according to ISO 9563.